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Magicmaker-Scraps Club is back and I have several surprises for everyone:

1) I will now have a three-month membership (July-Sept) for only $6.

2) If you want a six months membership (July-Nov) you'll only pay $10 and get all kits for December for free.

4) Every month you'll have one entire kit for commercial use. That's 3 commercial use kits in three months. The rest of the kits are S4H/O friendly.

5) As a member, you will receive 3 digi-scrap kits every month--that's 9 scrap kits for only $6 (remember, three of which are for CU). For those who prefer a six-month membership, you'll receive 18 scrap kits for only $10.

6) Within your three-month membership period, you'll also receive a "QPs with a Twist".

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Join on or before September 30, 2009 to receive “Forever, My Love” as a welcome bonus.

Join on or before September 30, 2009 to receive “Forever, My Love” as a welcome bonus.
Members who joined during the month of June, July & August can also get it. Please use your welcome bonus password. Members download the September Bonus kit called Forever, My Love Here

Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Jeans and Jewels" Kit and a Sampler Freebie

The first kit that I've ever made early this year was called "Jeans and Jewels" (from the Jurrasic period) which I have given as a freebie in fairydustprincess-magicmaker blog. I told myself that I will do a much improve kit of the same theme sometime this year...and so another "Jeans and Jewels" kit will be my last digiscrapping kit for 2008 and here it is.

Members Download Here

Of course, there's sampler freebie for everyone. Here it is. Enjoy!

Sorry this freebie is no longer available

"Denim for Dudes" Kit and a Sampler Freebie

Here's your first kit for December. I know I didn't do justice to the preview probably because I'm in a very difficult situation right now. But you will surely be delighted to see all the elements (which I wasn't able to show on the preview) once you start downloading. I thought I won't be able to finish this since the two button frames takes too much time to make as I manually put one button after another and I don't know how many buttons are there. I made a template for the jumper and I really love the outcome, I hope you love it too.

This kit goes well with "For My Guy" kit. You can use the belt and combine "Denim for Dudes" with the other elements and papers from that other kit if you want.

Members Download Here

Here's the sampler freebie for everyone. And yes, please do leave some love as you download.

Download here here

Monday, December 15, 2008

"The Magnificent 2008" QPs with a Twist and QP Freebies

The QP set for December will be of two parts. This will be composed of 24 QPs/12 spreads that is ideal for photobooks. Ten QPs of each part will be for members and the other two are given as freebie QPs for all.

Why did I call it "The Magnificent 2008"? Every year, I do layouts of each month's highlights. Last year, my title was "2007 in a Nutshell". That's the reason why, this set will have 12 spreads, one for each month. Anyway, if you are not going to use the set for compiling a year's worth of memories, you can still use it for other projects. This year, I did several photobooks as birthday and Christmas gifts. In fact, some of the pages here were inspired from those photobooks that I made.

I usually chronicle a person's life in the photobook. I scan their pictures from childhood to present, then group them as childhood days, school days, years at work/ministry, etc. And do you know what are the hardest part in making this project? It's grouping the pictures together and thinking of the entire photobook title. I'll give you sample titles of what I did: "The Chronicles of Narry" (A photobook for our dear Pastor Narry), "Vic...Through the Years" (This one is for my Father-in-Law); "A Rosy Life" (For my mother-in-law, her nickname is Rose, hence, the word "rosy" came to mind); "Life's Treasures" (for my Mom, it was supposed to be "My Heart's Treasures" because my Mom's name is "Corazon" which is translated as "heart" in spanish. I already have it printed when that title pop-out in my mind--too late to change--see, thinking of a title is really a difficult one); and "Journey" (for Pastor Luis).

In all my "QPs with a Twist Set", there's always a bonus QP (for front cover) for members which I never show in's supposed to be a surprise. But here, I'll just show it via my own photobook cover. This comes in QP and cluster border frame (paper removed so you can put your own choice of paper and add some more elements if you want).

I have here our 6th wedding anniversary and our trip to Ilocos photos which were this year's highlights in our lives.

Here's a sample of the inside pages. I chose the month of "August" to show-off my sample LO and you'll read in my journaling the reason why.

August 3 - (Opposite page, left). Showing of my new dress worn specifically for our lunch date to celebrate our wedding anniversary. (middle) It’s our 6th wedding anniversary and we're still happily married, LOL--oopppss, it's our ring fingers (with our wedding rings on) that you're seeing here. This was taken after we watched “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” at The Globe Platinum Cinema at Gateway Plaza in Cubao, Quezon City.

August 16 - ((Opposite page, right). Finally, a dream come true. I was able to watch Lea Salonga in a musical play via Rodgers & Hammerstein's CINDERELLA at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

August 30 - (above, from left to right) Mike and I enjoyed being official photographers (without pressure, LOL) during KM’s 7th birthday held at Rosewood Pointe’s Clubhaus. Charlo & Diwata were so happy for KM and for their new condo unit. And yes, I got to show-off my hand-me-down DSLR from DH.

So, you can now think about what project are you going to make for this latest QP set. I only make five spreads (10 pages) for my photobooks. So, if you're not going to use it to chronicle "2008", you can already start a complete photobook with this one without waiting for part 2. BTW, you also need to download the QP freebies to complete your set.

Members Download

Download the Freebie Here

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cluster Border Freebie

Okay, this freebie sent me to panic. When I signed-in earlier today to post the CU Christmas ornament freebie, I saw in the comment that digifree accidentally had posted my Cluster Border 4 as a's not. I didn't put in my post that it is a freebie. It's exclussively for magicmaker-scraps members. I know if some of you who saw that and drop by here will be disappointed so, I made these two cluster borders for you, just a few hours ago.

It's my first time to give away a cluster border as a freebie only because of that incident. If you happen to be here because of that cluster border, I'm sorry to say (again) that it's available for magicmaker-scraps members only but I hope you'll also like this freebie that I made for you. I do not intend to deceive anyone with a freebie when I actually didn't put that it's a freebie. It was just a mistake. Anyway, I also hope you'll leave some love when you download.

If you are a magicmaker-scraps member you can also download this one if you like to add this to your collection.

This Freebie is no longer available, you can buy the entire cluster borders along with this one at

Commercial-Use Christmas Ornaments Freebie

I joined this year's Christmas Around the World (CATW) organized by Kimberly Bartlett of Fishinmom Designs. I'm her CT. Anyway, we have a color pallete and there were more than a hundred designers who joined this time. I was afraid I would only replicate other's christmas ornament if I use commercial use products available online, so I just photographed and extracted my own ornaments. Here are the original items and the grayscaled files for your commercial use.

Thank you for your interest but this freebie is no longer available.

Cluster Borders Set 4

Here's Cluster Borders Set 4, your final cluster border for the this quarter. I have almost forgotten to post this. I have uploaded this set in 4shared the other day and I was planning to post it right away. I didn't know what happened that made me forgot about it.

Anyway, I'll start uploading the QP Sets tomorrow. I was supposed to upload them today, I don't know why I'm becoming so forgetful.

Look at my sample layout. I used one of the cluster borders and put a garden in the background. Yup, there's a variation in one of the cluster borders (just like the others in the past sets) with two cute fairies on it. So...enjoy!

Members Download here