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Magicmaker-Scraps Club is back and I have several surprises for everyone:

1) I will now have a three-month membership (July-Sept) for only $6.

2) If you want a six months membership (July-Nov) you'll only pay $10 and get all kits for December for free.

4) Every month you'll have one entire kit for commercial use. That's 3 commercial use kits in three months. The rest of the kits are S4H/O friendly.

5) As a member, you will receive 3 digi-scrap kits every month--that's 9 scrap kits for only $6 (remember, three of which are for CU). For those who prefer a six-month membership, you'll receive 18 scrap kits for only $10.

6) Within your three-month membership period, you'll also receive a "QPs with a Twist".

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Join on or before September 30, 2009 to receive “Forever, My Love” as a welcome bonus.

Join on or before September 30, 2009 to receive “Forever, My Love” as a welcome bonus.
Members who joined during the month of June, July & August can also get it. Please use your welcome bonus password. Members download the September Bonus kit called Forever, My Love Here

Friday, January 30, 2009

Anything Goes Commercial Use Kit and Altered photo background/cluster border freebie

Hurray! It's my birthday today and you're the one you'll get the gifts, LOL. Yup, I have a kit for you (magicmaker-scraps members) and a magical background/cluster border for everybody.

Since I'm 35 now, I have here 35 different kinds of commercial use items that I have photographed and extracted, it has no theme or whatsoever...that's why it's called "Anything Goes". I have already used some of the items here before in my QPs with a Twist, now you can have them as individual/unmerged files. I hope you'll be able to use one or two of them in your kits or layouts.

Members Download here

Now, for the freebie. Last week, I tried to make a background as I was thinking of printing a shirt with my nieces' photos on them and give the shirts to them. It seems like these T-shirts are very "in" nowadays.

Anyway, here are some of my sample layouts, as you can see my fairies that I have given as freebies in my other blog at fairydustprincess-magicmaker is in the LO. You can get those fairies there. My nieces were still small in this altered art. This was taken ten years ago.

Here's another rendition, this time it's a more recent photo. Yes, the little girl on the left (above) has already grown up and this is one of her latest photos.

I really love this background but I was thinking if you would want to put your own background into it. Or how about changing it's orientation (from landscape to portrait). to solve that, I made it into a cluster border and voila, I have another sample LO.

It's our wedding photo with one of the scenic pictures that Mike has photographed. Did I tell you my DH is a hobbyist photographer? The wordart is from dittersfreedoodles.

By the way, the width of the border is ten inches, so you may want to resize it to eight inches (for 8x10) or five or seven inches (for 5x7) prints.

Download the Freebie Here

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cinder's Wish, Cinder's Dream, and My Little Prince Kit

I don't know if there are still among you (magicmaker-scraps members) who haven't downloaded these three fairytale kits that I have given away as a freebie at fairydustprincess-magicmaker blog. "Cinder's Dream" had more than 1,500 downloads when I removed the download link. Then, somebody has re-uploaded it at 4shared and I was surprise that it still has several downloads even if I wasn't the one who uploaded it (somebody has pirated my stuff...grrrr...)

Now, I'm giving the link back but only to magicmaker-scraps members. I love making kits and QPs but I realized it is better to give them exclussively to magicmaker-scraps members to avoid far my members are all behaved. Thank God.

Anyway, here are the three kits.

Members Download Here

Members Download Here

Members Download Here

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Latrize Bragbook Set and Freebies

Last Christmas, I decided to make personalize bragbooks (bind in spirals) for my nieces...which I wasn't able to print/give because of what happened to me.

I have so many pictures of one of my nieces named Latrize in different get-ups. Indeed she looks like a doll in different costumes. Some were taken by me and other were sent to me by her Mom thru email. It was her ballet and Hawaiian/Hula recital that inspired me to make these bragbook layouts/bragbook QPs. Here are samples of the layouts I've done with Latrize. As you can see in some pictures she's still so small. I actually made more than ten bragbook pages for her. And I guess, I will also give away the other pages the other ones are holiday-themed bragbook (Christmas, etc).

I originally made them in "landscape" orientation. But, I don't want to cut her feet as she's doing her ballet and Hawaiian dance, so I transformed everything into "portrait" and you'll get both orientation.

Girls love to dress-up and in other countries, they have halloween and I see in different blogs how cute in the little girls are in their costumes. Since we don't have halloween here, I'm glad Latrize has so many photos where she's wearing costume for their school program and recitals. She even have a photo where she's in mermaid attire.

Anyway, most of you who are members of magicmaker-scraps are grandmothers, so I guess this will be perfect to have one page for all your grandkids...don't forget to put their names and birthdates on the pages so that you'll always remember to greet them "happy birthday"--there's enough space at the bottom of the frame so you can use your chosen alpha set/fonts for their names. You can bind them together and bring them everywhere to brag to your friends, LOL. I'll try to look at my files for some boy gumdrop tubes so that your little boys will also have pages in your bragbook too.

I do not know what to call this bragbook set, so I just called it Latrize, named after my niece.

Members, kindly download the the freebies both here and at fairydustprincess-magicmaker as they are not included in your download files.

This bragbook set is now available at

This bragbook set is now available at

Saturday, January 3, 2009

"The Magnificent 2008 Part 2" QPs with a Twist and QP Freebies

Finally, the second part of the "The Magnificent 2008" is here...though it's already 2009, LOL. Thank you for your patience. I really tried to finish it before the year ends but I really couldn't do it.

Last December, I emailed you (magicmaker-scraps members) about my condition and most of you have sent me good wishes. In fact, one of you (I hope Margaret wouldn't mind if I mention her name--how very sweet of her to do that) even sent me an LO/card with my picture in it using items that I have designed. I'm so deeply touched with her gesture and I always look at that LO whenever I'm sad... Sad? It's because the reason for my happiness at that moment has gone too soon.

My friend Lynette has already blogged about it, you can visit her blog at lynettesphotoart as she tells what happened to me. I still have to make my account on this matter--I have to do my obligation to you first as I'm already behind, LOL. Now, that we're done for 2008 sets (opppsss...I didn't forget "My First Book of Shapes"--you'll have it soon), I can now work on writing my testimony. As magicmaker-scraps members, you know that as much as possible I wanted to keep this matter in private that's why I just email you instead of posting it here. Though I experienced some loss, I am still an unworthy recipient of God's miracle. I'll be making an account of God's work in my life...and blog about it! As I was reading Lynette's blog awhile ago, I was convicted that this event in my life must not be kept in secret must be told so that His name may be glorified. Lynette was able to write everything so well so I will just add some details about what happened.

Anyway, enjoy the "The Magnificent 2008 Part 2." I really had a great time doing this set.

Members Download Here

Now, the freebie QPs are very special. They were made using most of Lynette's stuffs (which you can also download) in her blog at lynettesphotoart. They are for personal and church used only but I have used those items with her permission. This is my way of thanking her for praying for me and by being a channel to which God may pour His blessing and miracle on me.

Download here