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Join on or before September 30, 2009 to receive “Forever, My Love” as a welcome bonus.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Book Set and some QP Freebies

Presenting "QPs with a Twist". As some of you know, I've been making QPs for sometime now and since there are a lot of QPs everywhere, I thought of making something that you can only buy here (for now, I don't know maybe after a week or so, similar QPs will be available somewhere, LOL). But then, this is where you'll first see something like this.

My first three sets of "QPs with a Twist" have a "Baby's Book" theme. I'm always fascinated with Baby Diary. I would want one for my own children and for myself. Unfortunately, I don't have a baby book and so were my other siblings. But I will still make one for myself (LOL), I'll just include the information that I can get from my birth certificate and some other records. Anyway, the concept of this set came when I thought of giving a storybook-type album to my newborn niece. (I have an entry of that in my other blog which you can see here)

You can use these sets for your self, spouse (it's never too late, don't you thinks so) and for your children, nieces, nephews, godchildren, etc. One good thing about QPs is that you can use them to make several layouts. By just changing pictures and journaling, the layout can become an entirely new page. Go ahead and use them 100 times for all your loved-ones, LOL.

"QPs with a Twist" are 12x12 in size at 300 dpi. You can resize them 10"x10", 8"x8" and 6"x6" sizes. You can also print several copies of your project (one for yourself, two for the grandmas and one as gift for you child when s/he's about to leave the nest). Every set has two bonus QPs which you will not see in the preview. That's my little surprise/gift for you.

I used several kits from different designers and tube elements from different artist for the pages making this QP sets unique (see rightside sidebar and click the blinkie to go to the designer's websites).

I know you will be tempted to use these QP sets as a gift to your niece or your friend or pastor's newborn baby. In that case, it will no longer be for personal use--that's Scrapping for Others (S4O). Then maybe your neighbor or churchmate will see your personalized baby book and he/she doesn't know how to use the program to make such project. So, you will be asked to do one for his/her child/niece/godchild/grandchildren. And yes, you will be paid for it--that's Scrapping for Hire (S4H). To solve that problem, these QP sets are S4H/S4O friendly.

It's a good thing, the commercial use kits and tubes that I used in these sets do not restrict them. In the first place, I won't join the club or bought the items unless I can use them for this purpose. This has been a very generous offer so please do not share the link and password as well as the entire QP Sets to other digi-scrappers you know, tell them to buy their own set. I paid membership fees to several digiscrapping and tube artists clubs as well as bought commercial use items for my QPs, so please be kind and honest enough to respect my simple request. If you do not agree with this initial term, then, please don't buy. My previous works (element freebie, etc. has been pirated before. I just kept quiet about it and just wrote to 4shared. Some also shared the links and the password to things to some items that I'm selling. I feel so bad about it as I always give freebies but there are people who abuse others.)

(Note: If you want all three QP sets, don't click the paypal button right away. Scroll down at the end of this post for a great deal. But if you only want one set, go and click the paypal button under the set that you like.)

Before I was Born

Hodding Carter said that "There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children -- one is roots, and the other, wings." This set will surely make your little one deeply rooted with a sense of knowledge about his/her personal history. "Before I was Born" is one of the ultimate legacies that you can give to your child. Let your child read over and over again how you and your spouse have met. Let your son/daughter have a record of things about his/her parents which can be passed on to several generations. How about your life as a couple before your baby is born? There’s a page in this set where you can write about it as well. “Before I was Born” will let your child cherish those memories you have while he/she was still in your tummy.

This set includes pages for your wedding day, first ultrasound, baby shower, and so much more. It also includes variation for Mum/Mom pages. There are 10 QPs plus seven with variations and two bonus QPs for front and back covers--my little surprise/gift for you (just in case you would want to make it into a storybook-type album).

click preview for a larger view

Buy now for only $5


Hello! Word, Hello! Baby

This set contains the entries you usually found in typical Baby Book album but with interesting narration written by me (yup, in case some of you do not know I'm also a writer).

This set includes page where you can put your baby's picture side by side with the photo of the person your family initially thought as the baby's look-a-like. It contains QP pages with six bonus pages for baby boy/girl variations and two bonus QPs for front cover (boy/girl) giving you 18 QPs. This one also comes with freebie QPs ideally for the storybook's back-cover, so there are actually 20 QPs that you can use from this set alone.

click preview for a larger view

Buy now for only $5.00


Here are the add-ons that are included in the download. These are variations so you can use them for your baby boy (the ones in the previous preview are for your baby girl).

Now, here's the freebie for everyone which is supposedly for the back cover of this baby book (Hello! World, Hello! Baby) but you can use it on its own.

click preview for a larger view

Thank your for your interest but this freebie is no longer available.

My First Book of Records

Your child does not need to be in Guiness just to hold a record. Your baby can have his/her "First Book of Records". This set is perfect for your child's precious "firsts" memories. From his first day at home to his first hair cut as well as first holidays, baptism/dedication down to the first birthday celebration--this set is a must have for every child, in fact, for every individual.

click preview for a larger view

Buy now for only $5.00


Here are five extra holiday pages, just in case you're celebrating these holidays and have pictures of your baby to scrap. They are already included in the download. All in all you've got 20 12"x12" QPs just for this set alone--plus two freebie QPs, so that will give you 22 QPs in all.

Now, for the freebie which is for everyone. Again this is ideally for the back cover of this baby book set (My First Book of Records) but you can use it on its own.

click preview for a larger view

Thank your for your interest but this freebie is no longer available.

Baby Book Set

Get big savings by getting the three sets of QPs (58 QPs-not 52 as seen on the preview). Buy two and get 1 free. Click the paypal bottom under the preview to get the discount.

click preview for a larger view

Friday, August 8, 2008

This is the Day...Hooray!

08.08.08 is here. Fireworks! Fireworks! for the Beijing Olympics...ooopppsss... Finally, the time has come to release the 88 CU items for $8.88 (actually, they are more than 88 but I counted some items per set not as individual elements).

Here are the steps on how to get this amazing deal.

1. Click the "Buy Now" button on the left side of this page. You'll be directed to paypal.

2. Add my email addy in you address book: fairydustprincess dot magicmaker at gmail dot com so that when I send you the link and password it will not end up in your trash/spam.

3. Allow at least 24 hours for my reply since we might be in different timezones.

Now, here are some reminders:

~ Only payments that fall on August 8, 2008 (08.08.08) can avail the promo.

~ Do not leave comments at 4shared, leave your comments here since I will remove the links later on when I disbundle the items.

~ download links will be available until August 30 so you'll have more time to download. After that, it will be removed.

~ You can use these items to create your own digital art products such as website designs, digital scrapbook papers, shapes, elements, templates, bookmarks, greeting cards, or other paper based products for sale. Of course, they are also Scraps for Hire/Others (S4H/O) okay. Can you make tubes and brushes out of them? I'll give the first 88 customers the license certificate which will be sent to you together with the download link and password. Thanks for the early bird who greeted me with a purchase this morning who I guess has the same timezone as me.

So, clap you hands and get ready...

88 Commercial Use Items for $8.88

Click the "Buy Now" Button on the upper left side corner of this blog. You will be directed to paypal.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And the Winner for the 88 Items for $8.88 on 08.08.08 is...

Early this week, I have this contest wherein anyone who would post the 88 Items for $8.88 on 08.08.08 can have the chance to win the entire "Commercial Use Bundle". So, before DH went to the office, I asked him to make a draw lot (I wrote the names on small pieces of paper, folded them and have him picked one). And so the winner is Lisa from

Congratulations, Lisa. Please email me at fairydustprincess dot magicmaker at gmail dot com to claim your price. I will send you the download links (20 folders in all) and the password.

Tomorrow is the big day for this 88 Items for $8.88 on 08.08.08

Please take note that the day after August 8 which is August 9, all the download links for the commercial use items on this blog will expire but they will be available for purchase.

Also, the "88 Items for $8.88" will be disbundled and will be sold individually.

Now, as my appreciation for those who joined the contest, here's a special gift for you. It contains:

1 crumpled paper (colored & grayscale)

1 handmade paper (colored & grayscale)

1 handmade paper border (colored & grayscale)

2 flower clusters (colored & grayscale)

1 notebook pad

1 artificial flower cluster

1 gift box

Yes, there are also 8 items on this set. Thanks you very much, ladies.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

88 items for $8.88 available on 08-08-08 Countdown Freebie #3

Here's the third installment for the 88 items for $8.88 available on 08-08-08 Countdown Freebie.

Don't forget to scroll down for more info on how to get this entire kit for free! I want to thank those who have posted the promo in their blog, I have a surprise for you. Though not as big as 88 items but you'll surely be delighted with my gift. Thank you also for your kind and loving comments, esp. Aunt Anne, you really made my day! Again a big thanks for all your support.

By the way, can you please pray for my mother-in-law's speedy recovery. She has undergone an operation today and still at the recovery room.

Now, for the freebie, this goes well with the beach kit and maybe a summer kit. They are extracted from actual digiscrapping embellishment.

Download here

password: 888freebie

Monday, August 4, 2008

88 items for $8.88 available on 08-08-08 Countdown Freebie #2

We're getting nearer to August, 8, 2008. And many of you are wondering where can you get them. Come back tomorrow for another great freebie and the big announcement on how you can get the 88 CU bundle.

Here's another CU Freebie for our countdown for the 88 items for $8.88 available on 08-08-08 and don't forget to scroll down for more info on how to get this entire kit for free!

Meanwhile, today is our 6th Wedding Anniversary that's why your freebie for today are three wedding papers. They were products of our wedding photography for friends and relatives. DH is quite good in it but in one of these photos, I'm personally behind the shutter, LOL. You can add your own signature in them by simply adding overlay, blending, style, texture, etc. They go well with satin as you can see in the preview and yes they go well with my wedding bliss elements too(below). Of course, I can't give the ones with overlays as they are CU item that I purchased. But you can add texture to them in whatever program you are doing. Only your imagination is your limitation. Enjoy!

Download here

password: 888freebie

Saturday, August 2, 2008

88 items for $8.88 available on 08-08-08 Countdown Freebie

It's the first countdown freebie for the 88 items for $8.88 available on 08-08-08. Scroll down for more info on how to get this entire kit for free!

Now, for the freebie, these are beach item elements made from crumpled Japanese paper that my friend, Lisa made as decoration for her daughter's beach theme party. DH was the official photographer on that day and I extracted these items for her daughter's album. Now, it can be yours for commercial use.

Download here

Password: 888freebie

Friday, August 1, 2008

88 items for $8.88 available on 08-08-08 you can get them all as a Freebie

Do you want this 88 Commercial Use items for free? Grab this promotional image and post it in your blog. Leave a comment here to link your post. You can also leave your blog addy or email address in my other blog (

I will write your blog addy in a piece of paper and will ask DH to have a draw lot on August 7. The winner will be announced on August 7 just right after the lot has been drawn. Thanks.

Scroll down to see the larger previews of each item.

88 items for $8.88 available on 08-08-08

So, what's this all about?

First things first...

August 8, 2008 or 08-08-08 will mark the opening of Beijing Olympics. Watching the Olympic opening or closing ceremony is one of my dreams. Another dream that I have in my heart is to be able to see the Seven Wonders of the World--The Great Wall of China is on top of the list. So, imagine how much I desire to be in Beijing on that date--it's like shooting two birds at the same time.

Last year, I told my husband about it, since it's our anniversary week and he usually treat me with an out-of-town trip I gave him the option. He's been to China several times--Nanjing, Shanghai, etc. but never to Beijing. DH wants to fulfill my dream but he would not be able to arrange the trip. He said he'll just shoulder the expenses and I have to do the rest--contact the travel agency, arrange accommodation though RCI, and other options, plane ticket and yes, renew my passport that expired late last year. It seemed like I have a lot of thing to do but it's a once-in-a-lifetime event in my life so I'm willing to hurdle everything--opppsss. But then so many things happened and I wasn't able to arrange the trip--and when I thought I'm ready for the trip, it's already too late. It was only last week that I was able to renew my passport. My heart still aches for I wouldn't be at the Beijing Olympics on 08-08-08 but DH always console me by saying some athletes have even back-out because Beijing is so polluted and they are more concern of their health.

Next in line...

Last year, my party shoppe closed down because I wasn't able to attend to it personally. It's in our province and 100 km away from where we're staying. I was really wondering how I was able to manage it for two years going there as often as I can. It broke my heart to let it go but then I have more important things to attend to, I have no choice but to give it up. That's when I discovered digital scrapbooking.

I used to make layouts before but there was no elements in them, they are mostly collage or "book-style" layouts. Early this year after making so many QPs for Netta, I thought I wanted to try something new, so I bought my first commercial use bundle from Netta's CVDs at scrap-n-tag, then I bought one after another from different stores. A month passed by and I still couldn't squeeze in my head what theme I would want to work on. I would want to make a teddy bear kit because it's one item that I love to collect. I also wanted to make a wedding kit but I've never seen commercial use stuffs to include in it such as ring, bouquet, etc. Since we sometimes cover weddings as hobbyist photographers, I extracted one from our personal stock photos. Then, after going to the beach, I thought of a beach kit. I love cooking too, so I shifted to start a kitchen stuffs kit. But instead of buying CU items, I just decided to use my DSLR, take photos and extract the items that I would be needing. Soon there were so many extracted items that have been gathering cobwebs and dust in my hard drive and I just don't have complete a kit. Everything were just bits and pieces of something.

Now, it begins...

Last May, two things came to my mind, after buying a grab bag and I still cant finish a complete kit, I just decided it's time to limit buying them. Then, I thought would just pack the items that I extracted and sell them for commercial use. I guess, established designers and those who are more creative will be able to use them magnificently in their kits. So aside from those numerous extracted stuffs, I thought I would extract some more. I noticed that I don't have flowers in my stuffs. I looked at our photos and I saw this folder with some plants and flowers taken by either my sister, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, nieces, and DH. There were also some photos of different things in another folder. DH was the first one to own a digital camera in the family (six years ago) and everybody wanted to play with it, that's why we have a lot photos of inanimate objects. Also, when my sister moved to a far away province, she would ask me to buy her Christmas gifts for her inaanak (godchildren) and our nieces. Then, I would photographed each gift and email to her so that she will have an idea what I bought/gave to her inaanak. So, that's where all photos of the inanimate objects came about. I put these thing in a separate folder because I don't want to delete them but I don't think I would want to print them nor mix them up with my other photos either. I'm not really into flower-landscape-nature-object photography. I love portaits, I like capturing a person's expression more than mother nature's granduer. I want people...person...human being. Little did I realize that someday I will be able to use them...and yup, you'll see those scraps here.

Last June, I decided that I will offer them as CU items in my other blog and the release date will be the 4th day of July. I'm in the Philipppines and I would want to have that date memorable for me, LOL. If not for independence day, at least for the release of my first stuffs to be sold. But though the items were already extracted in June, I still have to package them and my mind was still hazy which one to include. I also have no idea how much it will cost and how many items will I put in that bundle. June became a busy month too. My niece was about to be dedicated, the other one celebrating her first birthday, then another will be seven years old. So what's my role in these events? As usual, I made the layouts for the invitations and tarpaulins, prepared the sourvenirs, etc. I was also the one who have them printed in commercial shoppes; send these items through door-to-door delivery (as they all live in the provinces). My sister is 12-hours drive away. Sometimes, I wish I have a personal assistant to do those stuffs for me, ROFL. Then a regular customer of my closed party needs shoppe requested me to cover her son's wedding. I could not say no because she has become a friend too. July was already fast approaching and I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to attend to this matter. But DH said: "no one is pressuring you, no need to rush. Take your time, only you and I know about your July 4th plan."

So I covered my other niece's 7th birthday last July 5, the wedding last July 12 (I had the pre-nup photo-op alone prior to that event since DH was in Qatar at that time. I did a two-song audio visual presentation (AVP) for the reception). Afterwards, my mind is set to plan on this stuff.

Putting the pieces together...

Two weeks ago, when I was finally accepted the fact that we'll not gonna make it to Beijing this August, I just thought of doing something memorable because I'm sure I'll really cry on that day. Lightbulb Moment...tingggg! The "888" idea came along. I'll make that day memorable by offering 88 (I can't make 888 items at this time, LOL) Commercial Use items for $8.88 on 08-08-08. That's the fun and the pun intended. Everything fell into the right place: the price, the number of items, the date of release. So there you have it all, the history of my "MagicMaker Scraps". So we all have something to look forward too aside from the Beijing Olympics on that 08-08-08, don't we? Oh well, Ecclesiastes 3: 1 is very real to me at this time..."There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." (And I'm still looking forward seeing the Great Wall of China and watch an Olympic game someday).

By the way, my passport is scheduled to be delivered on 08-08-08 too.

Now, Scroll down to see all the 88 items...

Grab Bag Blast Freebie

Thank you for visiting this blog. This is fairly new and today is my first post. To kick off this new blog, here's a grab bag for you

Download here
Password: 888freebie

Commercial Use Beach Party Kit, Wedding Bliss Set and Kitchen Stuff

These commercial use products are now bundled and available at

Look for these product names:

Commercial Use - Anything Goes
Commercial Use - Beach Party
Commercial Use - Kids Are Us
Commercial Use - Little Bit of Bliss

NOTE: 88 CU Items for $8.88 on 08.08.08 has already expired but you can buy the items individually starting Sept. 8, 2008.

You now have 32 items, so 56 more to go to complete the 88 items for $8.88 on 08-08-08

click preview for a larger view

This is the only complete kit in all these CU items. It has a total of 40 items (8 papers and 32 elements) to complete my 88-item commercial use bundle.

This beach party kit includes:
8 papers
5 sea shells
3 hibiscus (gumamela flowers)
3 fishes
3 frames with element clusters
2 coral branches
2 trees made of shells
2 young coconut in a mat (the other has candle wick)
2 mats (round and oblong)
1 bamboo mat
1 set of bamboo stick (3-in-1, just like your coffee, hehehe)
1 set of coco-flowers (2-in-1)
1 beach tote bag
1 bubble set
1 figurine
1 surfboard
1 sand mat
1 sand frame
1 starfish

click image for a larger view

This set includes 8 wedding accessories
2 wedding rings
1 waterlily blossom
1 bouquet
1 set of doves
1 set of bronze couple figure
1 flower cluster
1 candle and matches set

click image for a larger view

This set includes 8 kinds of kitchen stuffs
1 Chief figurine
1 set of preserved fruits in a bottle (3-in-one)
1 set of kitchen utensils
5 kitchen decors/accents

8 Commercial Use Templates

NOTE: 88 CU Items for $8.88 on 08.08.08 has already expired but you can buy the items individually starting Sept. 8, 2008.

I just started making templates. They are all layered PSD files and png files so that you may be able to use them in other programs. You may recolor them to suit your taste. I really would want to have a castle template--this one is loosely based on the Enchanted Kingdom (EK) entrance gate since I will add them in my layouts. Going to EK has become a yearly tradition to our family (cousins included) every December 31st.

The other templates are something that I thought you might be able to use so I included a stroller-baby kit, car-for boys' kit, bag-girls' kit and the cake-for party kits. The box and the book are my generic elements which you can use in any layout. The ferris wheel is a dream template come true, I gave a ferris wheel with frames to my Mom with our pictures in it and everybody loves it and I guess you may want it too. There's a separate frame only file, just in case, you don't want the heart frames, you may want to have stars, squares or round frames to replace the hearts. I guess, I've never seen them anywhere else.

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

Commercial Use Items

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

8 Commercial Use Papers

NOTE: 88 CU Items for $8.88 on 08.08.08 has already expired but you can buy the items individually starting Sept. 8, 2008.

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

8 Commercial Use Fresh Flower

These commercial use products are now bundled and available at

Look for these product names:

Commercial Use - Anything Goes
Commercial Use - Beach Party
Commercial Use - Kids Are Us
Commercial Use - Little Bit of Bliss

Here are the flower collection of this Mega-Commercial Use Bundle. Click paypal's BUY NOW button below to purchase the entire collection.

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view

click image for a larger view