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Magicmaker-Scraps Club is back and I have several surprises for everyone:

1) I will now have a three-month membership (July-Sept) for only $6.

2) If you want a six months membership (July-Nov) you'll only pay $10 and get all kits for December for free.

4) Every month you'll have one entire kit for commercial use. That's 3 commercial use kits in three months. The rest of the kits are S4H/O friendly.

5) As a member, you will receive 3 digi-scrap kits every month--that's 9 scrap kits for only $6 (remember, three of which are for CU). For those who prefer a six-month membership, you'll receive 18 scrap kits for only $10.

6) Within your three-month membership period, you'll also receive a "QPs with a Twist".

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Join on or before September 30, 2009 to receive “Forever, My Love” as a welcome bonus.

Join on or before September 30, 2009 to receive “Forever, My Love” as a welcome bonus.
Members who joined during the month of June, July & August can also get it. Please use your welcome bonus password. Members download the September Bonus kit called Forever, My Love Here

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Lovely Snowy" Kit and a Sampler Freebie

It's been a while. I'm out of the country right now and it's really a blessing to have this kit up. After a few weeks of adjustment in weather, time zone, and routine...I'm so glad, I'm back. Anyway, here's the last series for the princesses kit. You already have Cinderella (Cinder Weds) and Sleeping Beauty (Aurora in Love); finally, Snow White (Lovely Snowy) is here.

I think, Snow White is lovely here, but can you believe, DH said that I made an ugly Snow White--she's so pale, LOL. Of course, I made her pale to make her complexion as white as snow--that's why she's called Snow White, right? I usually take my husband's criticism in my work so seriously but this time, I want to keep my Snowy in this kit (besides, my "layered" Snowy was left in the Philippines).

This kit has 65 elements and 25 papers. There are elements that are not shown in the preview.

I made two QPs from this kit and you can grab it in my other blog at fairydustprincess-magicmaker .

Download the QPs at fairydustprincess-magicmaker

I also made a sampler for everyone. I hope somebody will be able to use the sampler even if it's just a few papers and elements.

Download the Freebie Here

If you like the kit but you don't want to be a member, Lovely Snowy is also available at along with my other kits. Also, since my Dad would have been 70 years old this month (March 14) if he's still alive, so I'm having a 70% off sale at until March 31.