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Join on or before September 30, 2009 to receive “Forever, My Love” as a welcome bonus.
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Friday, October 31, 2008

My First Book of Colors (QPs with a Twist) and a QP Freebie

So, here's the second QP set for October called "My First Book on Colors: I can Tell Colors" I love this one. I didn't know I love colors so much until I found myself looking at this QP set over and over again.

They say black and white are not colors but I have included them here since whenever we buy crayons they are always included in the box. Besides, pre-school teachers and parents also teach children to identify black and white. And yes, I guess, colors are not complete without them.

I don't know how you will fill-in the pictures but I guess it will be cute if your child's dress will match the color of the page, like what I did for my niece, LOL.

By the way, if you will notice on the preview, the upper right part of the QP have some space where you can place your own colored elements. You can also put there the crayons (which I used in the LO above) which is already included in the download. So here they are...

Members Download Here

And here are two freebie QPs for everyone, members please download as well.

Download the freebie Here

My First Book of Numbers (QPs with a Twist) and a QP Freebie

This is supposedly posted earlier but I'm having problems uploading at 4shared. It's already been three days since I was trying to upload the QP sets but it seems the only time 4shared is allowing me to upload without error is after midnight here--weird!

Adding insult to injury, my pc is experiencing some problem, it would automatically shut down. DH calls it "blue screen of death". He examined it and says there's already a problem with the motherboard. So, please bear with me if I won't be able to post for the next couple of days. I'll try to burn/back-up my files first so that I won't have any regret if something happens to my pc.

The other QP set is not yet uploaded, too bad as I would want that to go with this one. This one is "My First Book of Numbers", the other one is "My First Book of Colors" and there's also "My First Book of Shapes" for one of November's QP Set. I'll post them as soon as I'm able to upload them at 4shared. They are 12"x12" in size but I guess if you are going to make it into a photobook, 8"x8" is the best size (you can resize it, anyway) as the book will not be too big for a toddler/pre-schooler to hold.

With this set you can personalized your child's "First Book of Learning the Basics Series"--adding his/her own pictures on each page.

Members Download Here

Download the Freebie Here

Monday, October 27, 2008

"Roots & Wings" Heritage Kit and a Sampler Freebie

This is a dream kit. I was supposed to give this out in December as I know it will take time to do the pedigrees. But when my grandmother died last week, I was inspired to just work on it. You see, after graduating from college (more than a decade ago), my grandmother drew our family tree. I was once part of a journal/magazine publication when I was in college and she knew I can do a layout of it. She actually wanted to make a heritage book and distribute it to all my relatives. I asked for quotations for the printing but it's so expensive and I don't think we have the money for this project. But she said she would sell one of the family lands just to have this book printed. Anyway, years, passed by and soon she became too weak and sickly to work on this with me. I also became busy with my work and career.

But I did made a layout of our geneology seven years ago ( I made that in Adobe pagemaker) since I needed that for one of my subject when I enrolled for the Master in Family Life and Child Development course.

Last year, when I started doing digital scrapbooking, I made a better layout of it. I intend to complete the layout this December and give it to my grandmother this coming Christmas. My layout looks like a QP now, it has lots of blank slots for photos which I intend to get from my Lola (grandma) this November as I come home for All Saints Day. I'm planning to scan those photos to for my project. Anyway, during my grandma's wake, I asked my uncle if he knows where my grandmother put those pictures. But he said, grandma tear those photographs one day. We didn't know what got into her head that she did that--was it demetia? All those pictures where precious to her; I can't imagine her doing that. She used to show them to me whenever I visited her. In fact, she has already given some of those photos to me. But since I didn't have a scanner during that time, I returned it to her because I know she'll missed looking at them. Now, they're all gone...I hope there are some more left in her things. My uncle and his family will still look into her things now.

Anyway, my uncle said, maybe she felt bad that I returned the photos and she thought I'm no longer interested in making that long time dream project of my grandma. Oh well, I actually have some colored photopies of those pictures which I put in my project (it's cheaper than to pay for scanning during that time). I guess, I will just have to scan those photocopied photos again eventhought the quality will not be as good as the scanned ones.

I know all of you will benefit from this kit, as all of us has a family tree to make/scrap. I guess, it's every scrapper's (whether paper or digital) dream to make a heritage project/book. Since it is easy to print/have a photobook nowadays, it won't cost so much to have a Heritage Book which every family member who would want to have a copy can also have one. So, here's your kit.

I called it "Roots and Wings" from a quotation written by Hodding S: There are only two bequests we can give our children--one is roots, and the other, wings.

Members Download Here

I have included separate nameplates and chrome connectors in the download so that you can make your own pedigree even if you have no available photos of your ancestors. Well, that's my case, I have no available pictures of my great great grandparents. Anyway, here's the preview of some pedigrees. There are ten sets of pedigree with parents and ten individual sets with separate one for parents and siblings which is ideal for blended or step families.

Now, I would like to share with you some pointers that I personally do with my geneology layouts. If you will notice the samples below, the first one on the left does not have drop shadow or outer glow. They do not pop-out. Now, I put outer glow in the middle and a drop shadow on the last set. However, if you will notice there are also drop shadow and outer glow inside the photo frames' rim (Oh! I don't know if I'm making sense in my explation, but I hope you might get something from it, LOL--I'll try my best to explain it well).

Now, look at what I did with my layout (see LO below). I actually made a separate file for the pedigree with the picture of me and my parents (look at my photo when I was a child--I look like a boy, LOL). Then, I copy merged and paste it on the layout page below. Since all the elements, texts and the photos are already merged, when I put drop shadow and outer glow (yes, I put both) in it, it no longer have that untidy shadow/glow on the inside rim.

One more thing, if you looked at my parents photos above, they are both in sepia tone but the lighting (is it the lighting?) are different. I tried converting several photos with different tones to make them uniformed but maybe I wasn't that good in mixing colors, levels, etc. But I discovered something that worked for me. What I did here is that I made an oval shape with brownish tint. Copy merged it, paste and then, I placed one at the back of each photo (send to back). Then, I press "shift +" and the photo blended with the background color. I also did that to my own photo, that's why when you look at my layout below, all three pictures have the same tone now. Sometimes, you just have to play with or adjust the levels.

I hope, you got something from that "how-to" sort of thing. I'm not really good in tutorials. Anyway, here's a sampler for everyone.

Download the Sampler here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dress-up your Teddy Bear

I have a special something for you. Nope, this is not your kit for the week, these are just Teddy Bears which you can dress-up. I made them for my ADSD Sugar Shoppe Kit.

You'll get two Teddy Bears, here. The third one is given as a freebie in my other blog at fairydustprincess-magicmaker . So, jump-over there to get the freebie.

I thought of giving this set for magicmaker-scraps members since I posted the Sugar Shoppe Kit but I wasn't able to do so on that day until I got busy and have forgotten about it, LOL. Then, as I was reading the comments at 4shared last night for Sugar Shoppe kit, I remembered about this and so I worked on this set and turned them into png files this morning.

I don't know if any of you (magicmaker-scraps members) here are making digiscrapping kits, but I'm going to work on making the layered Teddy Bears available as commercial use item so that you can use them in making digital scrapbooking kits. I will just change the eyes of the Teddy Bear since the button I used for these Teddy Bears are from Netta's Commercial Use products. I'll make my own so that I can offer them as CU items. Since they will be in layered form or separate PNG files, you can also use your own button for the eyes or maybe use googly eyes--Deb (thescrappincop) has one on her blog available as CU items as well.

Your kit for the week will be up on Saturday or Sunday and I'm sure, it will be very useful for everyone...I guess, I'll be receiving some cyber-hugs from some of you, LOL.

Members download here

Note: Use your Cluster Border password to download

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Commercial Use Castle Template freebie

Lindsay told me in an email that she was inspired with my glittered castle so she made her own castle out of my castle and included it in a beautiful kit. You can read the details about it in my other blog at fairydustprincess-magicmaker . Anyway, I don't know if how many of you are interested in making another castle out of that Cinder's Dreams/Wish castle. Anyway, if any of you would want to use that castle as I template, I'm now giving it as a freebie.

You can use it anyway you want. Recolor it, make a polka-dot, stripes, checkered, acrylic, glittered, grunge (weird!) castle--go ahead and do it but kindly send me a link to your blog once you post the kit. PLEASE. I love to see what you have made out of this castle.

Thank you for your interest but this freebie is no longer available.

Friday, October 17, 2008

"All That Glitters" Kit and a Sampler Freebie

Here's your first kit for October. I like the song "What a Wonderful World" and I always see all things glittering in my mind whenever I hear it, LOL. I already have some of the elements like the rainbow in my hard drive during the time that I made the A-Z bragbook. These were suppose to be the elements that I would use in that set. Anyway, I'll be re-uploading the entire A-Z Bragbook together with the elements and the alpha for members. Yup, there will be an A-Z elements/embellishments beginning with letters from A to Z. It's taking too long to make and once you see it, you will understand why. This bragbook set is over and above your regular QP sets and scrapbooking kits.

Next week, you'll have another kit and I'll give you the two QP sets at the end of October. I guess, the two should go together. In the meantime, enjoy this glittery kit.

Members Download Here

Here's a sampler for everyone. Members do not need to download them since they are already included in the kit.

Download the Sampler here

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cluster Borders Set 2, Photo Cluster Border 1 and a Freebie

Cluster Borders Vol 2 It's time for another Cluster Border Set. 4Shared is giving me a hard time uploading files, I tried uploading this set five times. Anyway, I have weddings in mind when I did the October's Cluster Borders. So, how do you like to have a little fantasy venue for your wedding pictorial?

Now, for your Cluster Border set. Just like the first set, it has several variations too to suit any layouts you will make using this cluster borders. I now include them in the preview.

Members Download Here

I'll be using this set for a bragbook that contains all the wedding is our family (including cousin)...altered art style! That means a lot of extractions for me to do, LOL. And that also means I'll have extra set for you as well.

Here's a sample layout for our very own wedding. It was taken indoor--I was married in an auditorium--but look how the borders transformed the setting. You can put any background you like and make it as a wedding thank you card too (I used a background from designeverafter).

Photo Cluster Borders Vol 1

These "Photo Cluster Borders" are not originally included in the set that I will do for magicmaker-scraps members. However, I noticed that this is the hype in the digital scrapbooking world nowadays and I want my members to be updated, hehehe. It's like my cluster borders but you can insert your pictures in here. They are very much like a QP but it's very versatile--you can add additional elements/embellishments; paper/background of your choice; and you can resize them from 12 inches (yes!) to other sizes without any cropping.

I'll also make the frames in two orientation: landscape and portrait so that you can insert with ease your photo whatever orientation it was originally shot. So, here's your first set, there's a freebie at the bottom and you can download that too:

Members Download Part 1 here , Part 2 here

To kick off this new set, I also made a freebie for everyone to download. And I made a sample 5"x7" out of this Photo Cluster Border. These are my nieces during our out-of-town summer vacation this year.

Now, enjoy this freebie and I hope you'll have a great time using this:

Download the Freebie here

password: magicmakerQP